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In four years, America’s going to be eager for change. So which Republican is best positioned to challenge Barack in 2012? When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers […]

Not True


Somehow, word started spreading that Joe Biden only got 9,000 votes in primary season. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee got a big laugh from the crowd attonight’s convention when he said that as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, GOP vicepresidential nominee Sarah Palin outpolled her Democratic counterpart, JosephBiden.”She got more votes running for mayor of the […]



McCain has done a nice job of playing the VP card in such a manner as to steal some news cycle from Barack’s big speech. On my local news, the lead story was Barack, followed by McCain’s pick being announced today, followed by the weather. Speaking of the weather, there is a hurricane coming that […]