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McCain has failed to take the lead, but the lead that Barack hangs on to remains negligible according to the latest polls. As Obama heads off for a week’s vacation tomorrow in advance of the Democratic convention, McCain has 10 days or so to finalize his summer defining on Barack before prime time TV and […]

If you want to understand what the campaigns are up to, you have to look inside the polls. Did voters think McCain’s ad with Paris and Britney was injecting race into the campaign? Just 22% believe the ad was racist. But, most say Obama’s comment about not looking like other Presidents on the dollar bill […]

McCain’s lead


Of the two polls that take a daily, constant look at the race for President, Rasmussen is, in my opinion, the gold standard. With a sample size of 3000, it shows a running tally of the last 3 days of surveys of likely voters. Today, for the first time since Barack secured the nomination on […]

There are more negative signs for Barack in the latest numbers. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 42% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. The one point lead for Barack is an improvement – it was tied yesterday. But, That’s the lowest level of support measured […]