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The Sarah Palin Effect? A convention bounce for McCain of as much as 13 points. Barack’s bounce averaged a little over 4 points. USA Today/Gallup – McCain up 10%Gallup Tracking – McCain up 5%Rasmussen – McCain up 1%ABC News/Wash Post 2% Jake Tapper reports on his ABC News Blog that: There are Obama supporters who […]

Meet the Obamas


I missed it, but Jake Tapper stayed up late enough to see James Carville on CNN, who nailed what was wrong with the convention on night one. It was Meet the Obamas, without having any overriding message. Carville wanted to hear about things that make Americans unhappy. Like George Bush. “I mean we are a […]

Economy Ad


A well-done new ad for Barack. Not responding to McCain’s celebrity theme directly, but sidestepping it and looking serious on the economy. Smart. ABC’s Jake Tapper nitpicks the ad: There’s some pretty iffy stuff in there — Obama has voted to send tens ofbillions to Iraq, too, though quite obviously he has also voted against […]

Oil Lies


In a new TV commercial, Barack attacks McCain for being in the bag of big oil for having a) accepted money from the oil companies, and, implying a quid pro quo, b) supported tax cuts for big oil. If you had to guess, would you think Barack’s ad is a celebration of the new kinda […]

Is Barack soft? Here’s his reason why drilling for oil – a national security imperative to people who are paying attention to reality – is unnecessary. “There are things that you can do individually though to save energy,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said. “Making sure your tires are properly inflated, simple thing, but we could […]

Media Backfire


Barack’s speech certainly made him center stage yesterday – and there’s no question that shots of him meeting comfortably with world leaders may allay the fears somewhat of the majority of Americans who question his readiness for the presidency – but media attempts to compensate for its excitement over Barack with balanced reporting may ruin […]