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Avoiding Power


In Barack’s presser on Friday, he mentioned a couple of times that there can only one president at a time. Was he pressuring for the Bush administration to move toward a co-presidency during transition, or was he trying to create distance from Bush – to make it clear to Americans that there would be no […]

Lying, Actually


Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks ago that Barack would be tested, like a young John Kennedy was, if he’s elected. It was a shockingly stupid thing to say, but also something that you’d expect to hear out of a McCain supporter, not Obama’s running mate. Look […]

Joe Biden has issued a warning that electing Barack will lead to a deliberate international incident designed to test him. This was an allusion, it seems, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, an attempt by Russia to take advantage of the perceived weakness of the young JFK. 

Debate Week


This is a big week in the presidential race, as debates kick off Friday night. A single moment of a single debate can create a defining moment – something that John McCain has to be careful about. There are more subtle pitfalls that Barack is more likely to succumb to – will he come across […]