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It’s 3AM


Yup – 3AM and I’m watching DVR’d coverage from the 10pm hour Wednesday night on ABC. Stephanopoulos is going on and on how Bill Clinton gave so much to Barack in his speech. Maybe I’m over-analyzing, but it seemed to me that there was a great deal of parsing. Watching it live last night, my […]

Kennedy Night


The major networks aren’t going to convention coverage until 10pm tonight, but here it is 9:15, and Caroline is already putting the Kennedy hustle on the unsuspecting masses (who happen to be watching Fox or CNN.) I wonder why they wouldn’t have waited until 10pm to lay on the Camelot. “Now it is my honor […]

Eager to put the baton of Camelot into the floundering hand of Barack Obama, Democrats will parade the ailing Ted Kennedy in front of the convention two ways tonight. DENVER – U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, a liberal icon who is battling brain cancer, was in Denver on Monday and may deliver a speech at the […]

Hillary No.


Remember all those nice things Barack was saying about Hillary – about how she made him a better candidate, and how she’d be on anyone’s short list for potential VP’s? It seems he meant anybody’s but his. “She was never vetted,” a Democratic official reported. “She was not asked for a single piece of paper. […]