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The surge worked for Iraq, but it’s not working for McCain. His move up in the polls from last weekend petered out during the week, and weekend numbers, which generally favor the Democrats, are showing a stalled race. The Real Clear Politics tally shows an average lead of 6.7% for Barack, and today’s Rasmussen report […]

Tax Gaffe


Biden changes the Obama tax proposal. Biden’s accurate in suggesting that there’s nothing about the $250,000 figure that anyone should trust. The only thing you can trust is that he’ll be raising taxes – and that figure will be abandoned on day one.

Closer Still


Can McCain keep things moving in his direction? We expect the race to grow more tense each day on its own – but the McCain campaign has finally found a theme – Barack’s radical philosophy is scarier than the bad economy. Today’s numbers – Zogby moves one point closer, Gallup shifts 3% toward McCain. Rasmussen […]

Nutty E’s


As much as they respect brains and sophistication, liberals find theirs largely inoperative when it comes to Barack. Here’s the latest bit of email I’ve received purporting to offer profound insights. (The email I received is in blue, my responses are in black): A question of perspective : Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin, what if things were […]



Zogby – Barack up 12. Democrat Barack Obama’s lead over Republican rival John McCain has grown to 12 points in the U.S. presidential race, with crucial independent and women voters increasingly moving to his side, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Thursday. With less than two weeks before the November 4 election, Obama leads […]



As much as liberals hate religion, they have no qualms about creating their own religion – or using the religion of others to manipulate.

Hillary says…


Joe Biden was great. Sarah Palin was composed and effective – very good.