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Family Fugitive


Just because the election is over, don’t expect people like Bill Ayers to be forthcoming regarding friendship with Barack Obama. Ayers was on Good Morning America today, trying to make it seem that the history between he and Barack consists of little more than the two being neighbors. Ayers states, remarkably, that the first time […]

If you aren’t concerned about the radicals, racists and bigots with whom Barack built his political career, does it bother you that Barack has lied to you about his past associations?

Lying, Actually


Want to see a malicious campaign? Remember how Biden claimed a couple of weeks ago that Barack would be tested, like a young John Kennedy was, if he’s elected. It was a shockingly stupid thing to say, but also something that you’d expect to hear out of a McCain supporter, not Obama’s running mate. Look […]

Presidential politics is like making a movie. The candidate is the actor, his job is to deliver the lines written for him by the script writers. Politicians who don’t get this, or have a conscience, don’t do as well. Barack is the first candidate, perhaps, to fully embrace this requirement of the TV era. Everything […]

Wacko Web


Barack’s leftist world.

Alphabet Lies


Why did Charlie Gibson kick off the national news last night with a story that included this phrase when you can see in the next post down that the most credible polls, the daily trackers, show the race to be down in the 2 to 5 point range? “And while Barack Obama continues to hold […]

Dirty Ad


When you compare the Barack Obama of primary season with the general election candidate, all questions about what sort of leader Barack might be, if he ever holds a position of leadership, are answered. If Barack actually believes in the new kinda politics, he has readily abandoned that belief in order to win at any […]