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Little Johnny


I’ve been caught in the cross hairs of this email more than once. It provided some welcome relief to the barage of anti-McCain nonsense I’ve been receiving. A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans. Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by […]

The job of the media in our society is an important one – it is expected to shine a light on government, forcing it to do the will of the people. Today, though, in the age of affluence, we are a people without a will. The newspapers go unread, the news departments have been merged […]

Did the McCain campaign over reach with the Great Lipstick Caper? They weren’t off-base with the concept. When you see a clip of Barack using the lipstick line, the reaction is – “he’s talking about Palin!” That’s how it feels, and that’s why the crowd reacted with such excitement – it wouldn’t have been a […]

National elections are fights over news coverage. When the media is talking about Sarah Palin, for example, that means it isn’t talking about Barack Obama. When Sarah was selected the day after Barack’s big convention speech, that put a damper on his potential bump by taking him out of the news. Speaking at a high […]

Lipstick Attack


Barack gets attacked on lipstick by GOP.



Barack had best leave the lipstick jokes to the women. He got in a bit of trouble yesterday venturing into unfamiliar territory. The point Barack Obama was making today is that John McCain is not about change. Rather he and running mate Sarah Palin are about more of the same – no matter how they […]