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Obama Fatigue


Will Barack’s takeover of the airwaves lead to Barack fatigue? McCain tries to shape reaction with a return to the Celebrity theme that worked so well during the summer. Advertisements

Chicago Way


Truth about Barack – a good ad from the GOP. Barack throws up the shield, accuses McCain of taking the low road because it’s the only route open.

The Wedge


McCain’s new ad continues the tactic of driving a wedge between Hillary supporters and Barack.

Barack Weaker?


Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls, each with three days of data ending Wednesday, show no bump for Barack, but, instead, a tightening of the race over the week of Barack’s trip. A Fox News poll, taken Tuesday and Wednesday, shows the race in a virtual tie. The slim Obama leads look like this: Rasmussen – […]

Readers of this blog have been hearing for some time that this election is not about John McCain – the race is Barack’s to win or lose. That’s due to the fact that the fundamentals of the election year so favor a Democrat. People want change – the question is, does Barack represent the change […]

I’m convinced that the more voters get to know Barack, the less inclined they’ll be to support him. This seems to be the case with his overseas tour. Despite four days of dominating news coverage even more than he usually does, the portrayal of Barack as a statesman is hurting his image as a leader […]

Equal Time


ABC News sends a signal. In today’s email blast promoting World News for tonight, they mention the Republican nominee. Oh, how they love to mock Fox News for using the phrase Fair and Balanced! World News in the Middle East:Senator Barack Obama continues his tour through the Middle East, meeting today with Israeli and Palestinian […]