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Media Bias


Was the Washington Post’s campaign coverage tilted in favor of Barack? The Post’s ombudsman says so. Here are some of Deborah Howell’s observations. The Post provided a lot of good campaign coverage, but readers have been consistently critical of the lack of probing issues coverage and what they saw as a tilt toward Democrat Barack […]

Even liberals are complaining about the liberal media. In a room full of television industry executives, no one seemed inclined to defend MSNBC on Monday for what some were calling its lopsidedly liberal coverage of the presidential election. The cable news channel is “completely out of control,” said writer-producer Linda Bloodworth–Thomason, a self-proclaimed liberal Democrat. […]

Barack Wins


When it comes to the race for positive press, Barack Obama is the winner. The Center for Media and Public Affairs just released these findings: * Comments about Obama on the three network evening newscasts have been 65% positive since the party conventions. * Comments about John McCain have been 36% positive. * Comments about […]

Power Play


Media bias has gotten so bad that now they’re complaining about it within the biased media. The liberal news channel MSNBC is taking Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews off as anchors of live political events in the wake of growing criticism of both commentators during the network’s coverage of the conventions. White House correspondent David […]

Ban the Media!


Are most Americans conscious of liberal bias in the media? Oh yes. …49% believe most reporters are trying to help Barack Obama win the election this year. Just 14% believe they’re trying to help McCain. Do Americans get that the influence of money is a huge problem? Yup. But it’s not as bad as media […]