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Truth Be Told


Now that the election is over, the truth about Barack – always available, but protected by some – is flowing more freely. About his friends, for example. FALSANI: Do you have people in your life that you look to for guidance? OBAMA:Well, my pastor [Jeremiah Wright] is certainly someone who I have an enormous amount […]



It’s always the same question with liberal politicians – why don’t their kids attend public schools? Where will the Obama girls go to school? Will Michelle and Barack Obama choose private or public? What statement will their choice make? These are some of the questions on the minds of many Washington observers after the news […]

Truth Teller


Question: Is Barack qualified to be president?Michelle nails the answer.

Good Advice


Here’s Michelle Obama’s argument about how people should decide who to vote for. If they follow her advice, most Barack supporters will have to switch to McCain.

Prime Time


They’ve saved prime time – 10pm on – when the alphabet networks pick up coverage – for Michelle Obama. This is important – they want to introduce her as Donna Reed to Americans who haven’t met her yet. They want to make it harder to pin an anti-American label on her. Here’s part of the […]

This story is in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, accusing Michelle and David Axelrod of being involved with a program that shuffles poor blacks away from health care so doctors can focus on more lucrative patients.U. of C. shunning poor patients? HOSPITAL DISPUTE Obama’s wife, 3 aides tied to plan to free up space BY TIM NOVAK […]

Why is Jerome Corsi’s new book on Barack, The Obama Nation, so freely called ‘slime,’ without evidence of it’s sliminess being offered? For example, on the Washington Post blog The Swamp, Frank James quotes Paul Waldman of Media Matters on Larry King as saying, “You can put slime in the covers of a book and […]

How does Barack’s candidacy survive Michelle’s view of America? You combine these sorts of clips with Reverends Wright and Pfleger, sprinkle in a little Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers, and you’ve got an ad that the Swift Boat guys from 4 years ago could only dream about.

Dick Morris mentioned recently that one of the biggest mistakes the Obama campaign has made was not realizing earlier the importance of controlling Michelle. She is on the record as having a negative attitude towards this country, providing a very damaging confirmation of Barack’s long connection to radicals. A relatively unexplored foundational member of the […]

Poor Michelle


Barack is engaging in the old kinda politics again, trying to create standard left/right polarity – the opposite of trying to bring us together. Senator Obama is blaming the news media — and especially FOX News — for Michelle Obama’s high negative ratings. Just under 30 percent of those polled had an unfavorable view of […]