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How does Barack’s candidacy survive Michelle’s view of America? You combine these sorts of clips with Reverends Wright and Pfleger, sprinkle in a little Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers, and you’ve got an ad that the Swift Boat guys from 4 years ago could only dream about.

Dick Morris mentioned recently that one of the biggest mistakes the Obama campaign has made was not realizing earlier the importance of controlling Michelle. She is on the record as having a negative attitude towards this country, providing a very damaging confirmation of Barack’s long connection to radicals. A relatively unexplored foundational member of the […]

Poor Michelle


Barack is engaging in the old kinda politics again, trying to create standard left/right polarity – the opposite of trying to bring us together. Senator Obama is blaming the news media — and especially FOX News — for Michelle Obama’s high negative ratings. Just under 30 percent of those polled had an unfavorable view of […]