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The McCain campaign is giving up on Michigan. The news that John McCain’s campaign is abandoning its efforts in Michigan — first reported by Jonathan Martin at Politico — is the latest in a series of negative developments for the Republican ticket over the last two weeks. The GOP had seen Michigan as a possible […]

The Mayor of Detroit is going off to prison for a host of transgressions surrounding his desire to keep his affair with an underling quiet. Could this hurt Barack? Long before sex, lies and texting caused Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to plead guilty to two felonies and resign on Thursday, he and Barack Obama shared […]

Tax Man


McCain’s new ad, called Tax Man, focuses on Barack’s economic plan. Notice how they use the crowd again, and the chants of Obama, to turn Barack’s excitement quotient into a negative by linking it to the superficial, celebrity aspect of Barack’s support. The spot opens with a criticism of Obama that has become a refrain […]