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Senate – Republican John Sununu loses in New Hampshire, Dole loses in North Carolina, but Dems won’t have 60 as McConnell hangs on in Kentucky, as does Chambliss in Georgia. Former Democratic governor Jeanne Shaheen won a rematch for the United States Senate, defeating incumbent Republican John E. Sununu in a bitterly fought campaign that […]



Barack the Contortionist twisted himself through New Hampshire yesterday, pretending to take an anti-tax pledge in a state that expects it’s politicians to make real anti-tax commitments. At a town hall-style meeting in blue-collar Dover, he told about 325 supporters and independents, “I pledge to you that under my plan, no one making less than […]

On Media Bias


Since most Democrats have always argued that media bias doesn’t exist – that it’s a fantasy of the conservative mind, and worse – that it’s impossible – it has been a satisfying year for those of us who advance the theory. It was very exciting when Democrats themselves, in the form of the Clintons, complained […]