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Barack mocks McCain and Palin. When it gets to the part where Sarah winks, I take her to mean, “you buyin’ this crap that Barack is dishing out?” No, I’m not.



Obama attacks McCain.

Obama Grilled


The reception for Barack was not so warm at a North Carolina diner called the Cape Fear BBQ and Chicken. According to the pool reporter at the lunch stop, the barbecue joint was filled with dozens of older and mostly white diners. As Obama walked in, a woman at the other end of the restaurant, […]



One of the ads being run by Barack tries to marginalize McCain for his age (known as ageism in current vernacular) by pointing out that he doesn’t use a computer. This seems to be a mistake. The National Revew Online and other Republican-leaning websites said the charge was unfair, citing several articles, including stories several […]