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Run It


Somebody, please. With the three top polls showing this a five point race, all that’s needed is to get ads like this some circulation.

I am living in a world with two realities. On the one hand, there is the pile of polls that indicate that Barack Obama has a lead of a few points that, barring some game changing event of some significance, the current trend will solidify into an unavoidable outcome on November 4. On the other […]

Exposing Ayers


The Obama campaign is reacting quickly and harshly to Sarah Palin’s attempts to get the truth out about Bill Ayers. Here’s a TV news report from a few weeks ago on the examination of documents regarding the close association between Ayers and Obama on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Knowing these attacks would be coming, the […]

It would be a shame if, after two years of intense campaigning, November 4 arrived without voters knowing the essential details of Barack’s background. The degree to which it hasn’t been exposed is really bizarre. Sen. John McCain and his Republican allies are readying a newly aggressive assault on Sen. Barack Obama‘s character, believing that […]

Better Wright


Yesterday I posted an ad from the Judicial Network that attempts to make the country aware of the Obamafia. It was ok. Here’s an RNC version that’s stronger, I think. But for this to be done with the viciousness it warrents, aren’t we looking for a 527campaign of expensive truth telling?

Keep At It


Here’s another attempt at making people aware of Barack’s shaky associations. Not a particularly powerful one – but all attempts at getting the truth out are important. This is from the Judicial Network.

Where are the ads? The 527 created campaign that should be re-creating the Swift Boat attacks of four years ago – something Barack’s shady past makes him far more vulnerable to than Kerry ever was. Is it possible that the big money GOP donors aren’t that interested this time? This ad demonstrates how easy it […]