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Senate – Republican John Sununu loses in New Hampshire, Dole loses in North Carolina, but Dems won’t have 60 as McConnell hangs on in Kentucky, as does Chambliss in Georgia. Former Democratic governor Jeanne Shaheen won a rematch for the United States Senate, defeating incumbent Republican John E. Sununu in a bitterly fought campaign that […]

The PA Way


Pennsylvania polls show a 9 or 10% lead for Barack, but still, there is a sense of mystery about what will happen.

This should have happened in July. But it could provide the difference in the bitter neighborhoods. John McCain has not wielded the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. club over Democratic rival Barack Obama, who repudiated his former pastor and eventually left his Chicago church. But that hasn’t stopped some of those supporting the Republican presidential […]

Penn Close


McCain is fighting hard to keep Pennsylvania alive with polls showing him losing ground. But a memo from the Obama campaign says their internal numbers show a tight race. WILK radio host Steve Corbett said Tuesday he obtained an Obama campaign e-mail about the internal poll showing a tight race.’s trend line of public […]