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Exit Polls I


For what it’s worth, exit polls were embargoed until 5pm, which means they are embargoed no longer. Will keep you up to date as they become available. From AP: The economy is by far the top issue on voters’ minds as Election Day at last arrives. An Associated Press exit poll finds six in 10 […]

Razz Wrap


The final Rasmussen poll is out, and it shows a 6% advantage for Barack. The final Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Election 2008 shows Barack Obama with 52% of the vote while John McCain is six points back at 46%. One percent (1%) of voters say they’ll select a third-party option while 1% […]

Ever Wondered?


(Please read this with Andy Rooney’s voice in your head.) Have you ever noticed that the polls that show Barack with the biggest lead come from the big liberal news media? The only polls other than Gallup that indicate higher than a 7% Obama lead are from NBC/WSJ at 8%, ABC/Washington Post at 11%, and […]

Gallup seems pretty confident. by Frank James Gallup has completed it pre-election polling and all indications are that enough voters support Sen. Barack Obama to make him the next president of the U.S. Here’s an excerpt from Gallup’s report, based its final Gallup/USA Today tracking poll before Election Day: PRINCETON, NJ — The final Gallup […]

McCain has 24 hours to make a move. Today’s Zogby poll results? Obama 50.9%, McCain 43.8% UTICA, New York – As Election Day nears in the U.S. Presidential race, Democrat Barack Obama has increased his lead to 7.1 points over Republican John McCain, up from a 5.7 point advantage in yesterday’s report, the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby […]

Who Blew It?


A clever video, designed as an internet tool to get the vote out. You can make your own, with whatever name you choose, here.

The surge worked for Iraq, but it’s not working for McCain. His move up in the polls from last weekend petered out during the week, and weekend numbers, which generally favor the Democrats, are showing a stalled race. The Real Clear Politics tally shows an average lead of 6.7% for Barack, and today’s Rasmussen report […]