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Despite the mainstream media’s portrayal of the race, that Barack is running away with it, the polls we’ve been watching for months continue to tighten. Rasmussen moved to a 4% Obama lead today, and Gallups likely voter numbers have pulled even tighter. The “traditional” likely voter model, which Gallup has employed for past elections, factors […]

One of Barack’s reputed attributes that makes the elites drool over him is his ability to listen. It’s the ears. I mean, it’s not literally his ears. It’s the idea of his ears. Barack Obama has the capacity to listen. And America needs nothing more now than a president who knows how to listen. Being […]

The One


The McCain Campaign has issued a new online ad mocking Barack, this time focusing on the perception that he’s high on himself. Called “The One,” it’s not all that clever, but it does make a point that, over time, could come to haunt the Chosen One.

Poor Michelle


Barack is engaging in the old kinda politics again, trying to create standard left/right polarity – the opposite of trying to bring us together. Senator Obama is blaming the news media — and especially FOX News — for Michelle Obama’s high negative ratings. Just under 30 percent of those polled had an unfavorable view of […]


Listen in as Kevin Whalen (Pundit Review) and I recap Barack’s amazing foreign policy week, and ask the question: Doesn’t the phrase “Barack’s amazing foreign policy week” mean this is a great period for the campaign of John McCain?