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Pressing Sarah


At the Republican Governor’s Conference in Miami, it might as well be reconfigured into the Sarah Palin Conference. After Barack, she’s the biggest political star in the country. At a short press conference, she was asked what she’s doing since the last governor’s get-together. “I had a baby, I did some traveling, I very briefly […]



Barack was loose, and clearly quite comfortable with his new role as the king in waiting. Some, however, are already getting upset. His first attempt at humor, with a light poke at Nancy Reagan, is already being called a cheap shot – and you have to wonder why Barack went there. Many, however, will enjoy […]

Barack Presser


Barack held his first press conference today. While starting off by saying that there’s only one president, and that his turn to take the ball up the court doesn’t arrive for a couple of months, Barack seemed at the same time to be establishing his position on the court. In his first news conference since […]

4:56 – Barack ends press conference. Says he still wants debate to take place, but I sense that he knows it’s not going to happen. CNN – Dems instantly on attack. Schumer – the last thing we need in these delicate negotiations is the injection of presidential politics.” Schumer thinks McCain was weird, and he […]