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The big question about Barack, should he become President, is whether he will remain committed to the radical causes, organizations and individuals who brought him to power, or if he’ll sell them out as readily as he has his stated principles. I’m reposting this video because it reflects on this important question, and it now […]



If you’re longing to know more about Bill Ayers, and what he believes, here’s an introduction. Not just to Ayers, but to his terror organization. This is important because when the truth comes out, you’ll know that Barack received his most important job credential, Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, as a result of his […]

Dick Morris mentioned recently that one of the biggest mistakes the Obama campaign has made was not realizing earlier the importance of controlling Michelle. She is on the record as having a negative attitude towards this country, providing a very damaging confirmation of Barack’s long connection to radicals. A relatively unexplored foundational member of the […]