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Rich people are hard to figure these days. Despite plans by Barack Obama to raise taxes on the rich, the wealthiest Americans supported him over John McCain Tuesday. I know supporting Barack was the hip thing for the beautiful people to be doing, but doesn’t pursuing your own personal best interest always trump fashion? Exit […]

Joe the Plumber doesn’t live alone anymore. “I’m not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts – the institution just isn’t structured that way.” As I fell asleep last night, I set the sleep timer so I could end the day with Hannity’s America. There was some analyst – I don’t remember […]

McCain needs to go after Barack tonight, but it can’t be about Bill Ayers, per se. It should be about his radical past, in general. It should be about his connection to the financial crisis via ACORN. And it should be about Barack’s confession a couple of days ago, to a plumber concerned about his […]