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The Blue Shirts


The worst part isn’t the blue shirts. Virginia Republicans are in an uproar after the state teacher’s union sent ane-mail to its members encouraging them to wear blue-colored shirts to school to show their support for Barack Obama. The real problem is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies underneath the […]



Isn’t it funny how Democrats, the great fighters for women’s rights, are questioning whether it’s appropriate for Sarah Palin to be working when she has five kids? Many liberals are belittling the choice, suggesting that as a mother of five children — including an infant with Down syndrome — she has neither the time nor […]

Democrats are getting more nervous about Barack not connecting with voters according to the New York Times. As Senator Barack Obama prepares to accept the Democratic presidential nomination next week, party leaders in battleground states say the fight ahead against Senator John McCain looks tougher than they imagined, with Mr. Obama vulnerable on multiple fronts […]

Does anyone remember Barack Obama, the guy who used to be the candidate of change? …I’ve sometimes wondered in recent months: Whatever happened to that Obama, to that enemy of excessive partisanship and evangelist of national unity? He was a uniter, not a divider. “Now even as we speak, there are those who are preparing […]

Tighter Still


Barack had a short-lived bump, with a Gallup poll of registered voters showing him with a 9 point lead a few days ago. Now it’s down to four, with Rasmussen at 2%. Take a look at this ominous stat: In the race for the White House, there are nearly twice as many uncommitted voters as […]