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Tony is talking. A federal judge canceled convicted fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko’s sentencing date today and one of his lawyers said he is working with federal prosecutors in hopes of getting a break for his client. While it’s easy to get excited – thinking that, perhaps, truth about Rezko’s close relationship with Barack might see […]

The guy who was going to bring us a new kinda politics feels so vulnerable over having his political partners revealed that he’s going back to John McCain’s role in the Keating Five to try to muddle the ‘past associations’ waters. A film will be released today at noon at Here’s a clip. This […]

This story is in today’s Chicago Sun-Times, accusing Michelle and David Axelrod of being involved with a program that shuffles poor blacks away from health care so doctors can focus on more lucrative patients.U. of C. shunning poor patients? HOSPITAL DISPUTE Obama’s wife, 3 aides tied to plan to free up space BY TIM NOVAK […]