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Hillary played it beautifully last night – she did everything she could for Barack. As a result, Barack suffers. This was the delightful situation in which she found herself. …last night she hit all the right notes, delivering a speech remarkably free of any sense of defeat, self-pity or what-might-have-beens. She thanked the 18 million […]



My old WRKO producer Cooksey is at the convention, and is blogging. It’s worth reading his assessment of party unity as he took the pulse of those leaving the Pepsi Center after Hillary’s speech. Today in Denver there was a march of well over a thousand Hillary supporters, who call themselves “18 million voices”. They […]

Family Feud


One of the more remarkable polling details this summer is the fact that Clinton supporters are growing more resistant to the idea of voting for Barack. It was supposed to be going in the other direction. But the growing gap seems to be mirroring the attitude of the Clintons and Obamas themselves. Politico reports that […]