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The surge worked for Iraq, but it’s not working for McCain. His move up in the polls from last weekend petered out during the week, and weekend numbers, which generally favor the Democrats, are showing a stalled race. The Real Clear Politics tally shows an average lead of 6.7% for Barack, and today’s Rasmussen report […]

Is McCain being fair? “It seems to me that Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign,” McCain said Tuesday in New Hampshire, in a line he’s been using regularly since. That statement represents shorthand for an angle that is entirely accurate – attacking Barack’s character for having contrived positions […]

Barack defends his surge position to Brokaw on Meet the Press Sunday.

Did Barack kidnap the upper hand on Iraq from McCain this week? By shifting the focus to Afghanistan, and talking about escalating the war there while satisfying his base by talking about withdrawing from Iraq, Barack may have pulled off an incredible bait and switch, becoming the anti-war candidate who wants war! Obama officials also […]

Surge Purge


When the Obama campaign purged his website Sunday night of his troop drawdown proposal for Iraq, it also purged his claims that the surge wouldn’t work. If you’re going to rewrite history, it’s a good idea to delete the record, no? Here’s the truth of Barack’s poor analysis, in video, as compiled by Wake Up […]

Welcome to visitors from sites like Instapundit, The Real Barack Obama, Small Dead Animals and Pundit Review. After you read this post, check out “Barack Lied, Hillary Died.” Barack’s website has been updated – he is no longer calling for a blind withdrawal of troops from Iraq – the position that outflanked Hillary and won […]