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Enough Not Said


With his radical past and slimy friends, Barack remains the most beatable candidate in the world. Yet the people with the money, who could have financed the sort of PR campaign needed to educate voters, have never stepped forward. “It’s Oct. 21, and if you can’t say it by Oct. 21, then chances are you’re […]

I’ve always felt that, baring some major upheaval or campaign mishap, Barack Obama was unelectable. My belief that he was unelectable was based on the expectation that voters would have the relevant information, and that it would be provided by a Swift Boat style information campaign. For some reason, that campaign has never materialized. Independent […]

Better Wright


Yesterday I posted an ad from the Judicial Network that attempts to make the country aware of the Obamafia. It was ok. Here’s an RNC version that’s stronger, I think. But for this to be done with the viciousness it warrents, aren’t we looking for a 527campaign of expensive truth telling?

Where are the ads? The 527 created campaign that should be re-creating the Swift Boat attacks of four years ago – something Barack’s shady past makes him far more vulnerable to than Kerry ever was. Is it possible that the big money GOP donors aren’t that interested this time? This ad demonstrates how easy it […]

Did the McCain campaign over reach with the Great Lipstick Caper? They weren’t off-base with the concept. When you see a clip of Barack using the lipstick line, the reaction is – “he’s talking about Palin!” That’s how it feels, and that’s why the crowd reacted with such excitement – it wouldn’t have been a […]

How does Barack’s candidacy survive Michelle’s view of America? You combine these sorts of clips with Reverends Wright and Pfleger, sprinkle in a little Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers, and you’ve got an ad that the Swift Boat guys from 4 years ago could only dream about.