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McCain has failed to take the lead, but the lead that Barack hangs on to remains negligible according to the latest polls. As Obama heads off for a week’s vacation tomorrow in advance of the Democratic convention, McCain has 10 days or so to finalize his summer defining on Barack before prime time TV and […]

McCain’s campaign doesn’t get much credit for doing anything right, and with good reason. His effort haven’t come with much flash. On the other hand, the lack of flash may be mitigated by quiet, barely noticed strategic moves that have put Barack at a disadvantage. For example, have you noticed that the entire contest seems […]

There are two polls that are worth watching in the presidential race – Gallup and Rasmussen. They are reliable because they are tracking polls – they update daily, showing the results from the prior three days of research. While these two polls may have their flaws, those flaws are less relevant because the polls repeat […]