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McCain already has the Biden ad in circulation.

In case there’s an Edwards surprise, here’s my post on the Texas congressman when Nancy Pelosi first floated his name as a potential VP three weeks ago. THE TEXAS OPTIONReports this weekend indicate there’s an unnoticed contender to be Barack’s VP pick – Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas. Edwards, 56, has been pushed by House […]

All indications are that Barack has selected Joe Biden to be his running mate. Andrea Mitchell said on Today this morning that things are busy at Biden’s Delaware home where family is gathering, a scene not reproduced at the homes of others rumored to be under consideration. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports that one of Biden’s […]

Hawaiian Punch


When the vote is held in November and a shocked world tries to figure out what happened to The Messiah, and how it came to pass that he was crucified at the polls, fingers will point to the Hawaii vacation as a turning point. Perhaps that will be accurate. Taking a week out to vacation […]

The Bump


Were all media attention not about to swing to Obama for the next week or so, some might be starting to ask – “where’s McCain’s lead?” After all, he’s been kicking the crap out of Barack for almost a month, yet all he’s been able to do is keep it about even. This surprises me […]

VP Buzz


The announcement of Barack’s VP is expected in the next couple of days now that AP has confirmed yesterday’s buzz that the person selected (Biden? Or Bayh?) will appear with Obama this weekend. Barack Obama and his newly named running mate will campaign together Saturday at the place where the Democratic presidential hopeful formally launched […]

Can Evan Bayh be seriously considered as Barack’s running mate? Considering that Bayh voted in favor of war with Iraq, it would seem unlikely. Mr. Bayh, a cautious Indiana Democrat, acknowledged it had not been an easydecision. “There is reluctance in my heart, as I know there is in the other senators, to contemplate the […]