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Charlie Gibson managed to make Sarah look bad in the first segment of his interview with her Thursday. Which means he did a bad job. Anyone who has been around as long as Charlie can make someone look bad – the challenge is to reveal them to the country, not stump them. Sarah Palin showed […]



Suprised. The Obama campaign is surprised. Now, that is an achievement. Which would explain why the campaign’s initial response to the pick was such a blunder: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign on Friday blasted his Republican rival’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running-mate, highlighting her “zero” foreign policy experience. I suspect […]

Sarah Barracuda


With the Rasmussen poll showing that Barack has a bump of 4 points, up from a tie yesterday, the McCain campaign has made a move that should nip the growth of that bump in the bud – the selection today of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. With a hurricane on its […]

Pawlenty Good


It seems pretty certain that Tim Pawlenty will be the choice for McCain’s running mate. On one level this will be great news, as it will mean Lieberman and Romney, both of whom would have been a disaster, will have been passed over. Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, taking his turn in Denver today to […]

In case there’s an Edwards surprise, here’s my post on the Texas congressman when Nancy Pelosi first floated his name as a potential VP three weeks ago. THE TEXAS OPTIONReports this weekend indicate there’s an unnoticed contender to be Barack’s VP pick – Congressman Chet Edwards of Texas. Edwards, 56, has been pushed by House […]

VP Buzz


The announcement of Barack’s VP is expected in the next couple of days now that AP has confirmed yesterday’s buzz that the person selected (Biden? Or Bayh?) will appear with Obama this weekend. Barack Obama and his newly named running mate will campaign together Saturday at the place where the Democratic presidential hopeful formally launched […]

Can Evan Bayh be seriously considered as Barack’s running mate? Considering that Bayh voted in favor of war with Iraq, it would seem unlikely. Mr. Bayh, a cautious Indiana Democrat, acknowledged it had not been an easydecision. “There is reluctance in my heart, as I know there is in the other senators, to contemplate the […]