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Yesterday’s Gallup poll showed McCain picking up some ground, cutting Barack’s lead from 8% to 4%. But today’s Rasmussen ticks up a point for Barack. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows BarackObama attracting 51% of the vote while John McCain earns 44%. This seven-pointadvantage is the largest yet enjoyed by Obama […]

Has McCain’s corporate tax break been added to the revised bailout bill that the senate will vote on tonight? In a surprise move to resurrect President Bush’s $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan, Senate leaders slated a vote on the measure for Wednesday – but added a tax cut plan already rejected by the House. […]

Thanks, Bill


Bill Clinton comes through for McCain. Former President Bill Clinton defended Sen. John McCain’s request to delay the first presidential debate, saying McCain did it in “good faith” and pushed organizers to reserve time for economy talk during the debate if the Friday plans move forward. It’s good of Bill to choose now to be […]

Obama Follows


The first phase of McCain’s new emergency strategy appears to be working. Injecting a jolt of new drama into the U.S. presidential race, Republican John McCain on Wednesday said he was temporarily suspending his campaign in a bid to help break a deadlock on Capitol Hill over the White House’s proposed $700-billion bailout of Wall […]

Stock Monsters


So here’s the deal. This afternoon, shortly before 3pm et, McCain announces that he’s suspending his campaign to return to Washington and attend to the bailout measure, which is being revised after polls indicate Americans aren’t much interested in saving the tycoons on Wall Street. Like crazed kids with credit cards, the Stock Monsters went […]

Finding Stride


This has been a bad week for John McCain. They should have been ready to deal with a news cycle that played to Barack’s advantage, but were apparently thrown of kilter by McCain’s statement Monday morning that the fundamentals of the economy were still strong. With this ad, they seem to have settled into a […]