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In an historic moment drowning in history, the historic president-elect made his historic visit to the White House, as a transition steeped in history moves historically forward. President-elect Barack Obama visited the White House on Monday for his first post-election meeting with President George W. Bush, a strikingly symbolic moment in the historic transition of […]

Near or Not?


Ready to go into a 4pm White House meeting, it’s unclear whether congress has hammered out acceptable terms for an agreement. Key Republicans and Democrats reported agreement Thursday on an outline for a historic $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, but there was still resistance from rank-and-file House Republicans despite warnings of an impending […]

Barack is falling back into bigotry as a way to try to slow down McCain’s climb into dominance over this election. The script says: “when asked how many houses he owns, he lost track, he couldn’t remember.” There goes Obama – again suggesting that somehow that, since he’s lived a couple of decades more than […]