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Obama Grilled


The reception for Barack was not so warm at a North Carolina diner called the Cape Fear BBQ and Chicken. According to the pool reporter at the lunch stop, the barbecue joint was filled with dozens of older and mostly white diners. As Obama walked in, a woman at the other end of the restaurant, […]

There is actually a feminist in America today who has noticed that Sarah Palin is a woman. Shelly Mandell, the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women introduced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin over the weekend in California, speaking not on behalf of NOW but “as an individual, as a woman’s […]

I figure the experience discussion has pretty much been played out. If you think 13 years of government experience for Sarah Palin that covers city council, mayor and governor, plus a year as director of the state oil and gas conservation board, can’t compete with 10 years in the Illinois legislature and a year and […]