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No Bargain


Why are the Democrats so committed to taking over health care? The web of dependency they’ve created in order to keep themselves in power is crushing us. They want to escape responsibility, and they want to keep the scam alive. From today’s Boston Globe: Jane Teal said she only wanted to help her hometown when […]

Every Breath


Scott Brown breathes, Dems collapse. Now, with independent voters souring on Obama, vulnerable lawmakers are likely to be reluctant about casting votes on other controversial issues such as caps on carbon emissions, tax reform, and a revamp of entitlement programs ahead of November’s midterm elections. The White House may have to pare this year’s legislative […]

Newsweek Magazine has handed over its latest issue and remaining journalistic integrity to Ted Kennedy and his long campaign for universal health care. Teddy talks about his plane accident during Jack’s presidential campaign, as well as his current medical crisis. Last year, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Surgeons at Duke University Medical […]

An Educated Man


Americans are pretty familiar with the success unions had in killing the U.S. auto makers, and manufacturing in general. Unfortunately, they’re less familiar with the role that organized labor has played in making state and local government unsustainable. WHILE working my way through college in the 1960s on a Ford assembly line in Michigan, I […]

Union Squeal


The financial meltdown has led to an ironic result. Now that the labor unions have gotten their business partners, the Democratic Party, in firm control of the nation, the financial destruction caused by that relationship is being revealed. The Massachusetts AFL-CIO sent a letter to all lawmakers today, urging them to vote against the legislation. […]