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Very Un-Cool


Let’s take the Global Warming science claims about the demise of the planet at face value for a moment. If things are really that bad, and a slow reversal of carbon gas production to generally accepted levels is of questionable use, why isn’t there a clamor for alternative cooling options. Why are the Al Gore’s […]

Wooden Gore


This Japanese animated recreation of the encounter between Al Gore and his masseuse is worth watching, although I’m not sure why. A masseuse who accused Al Gore of being a “crazed sex poodle” and of groping her in a hotel room is preparing to come forward and sell her story — for $1 million. And […]

Stone Cold


Besides promoting distorted arguments designed to scare the world into adopting policies that have made him rich, what’s former Vice President Al Gore been up to that might have led to the end of his marriage? A massage therapist accuses former Vice President Al Gore of “unwanted sexual contact” when he visited Portland back in […]

Big Slight


One of the many slights one must endure in exchange for getting a discount education at a public university is cut-rate graduation speakers. Take a peak at Al Gore’s recent address:

One of the Democratic mantras during the health care debate has been, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” That ode to the need for legislative realism has been distorted by the sputtering Obama machine into something that more resembles, “Don’t let the meaningful be the enemy of good PR.” When this […]

Taking the Bus


Don’t accuse Senator John Kerry of being like those other Climate Change Hypocrites! Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) will travel to the United Nations global warming conference in Copenhagen, Denmark on a commercial airliner, a senior Kerry aide told It will be a moment of supreme symbolism as Kerry jumps out of the private jet and […]

An Honest Man


It looks to me like Al Gore is an honest man. Why? Well, don’t honest men look uncomfortable when they’re caught lying?