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Pink Rage


In about 10 days, the new Arizona immigration law goes into effect. The Evil Ones are pink with rage. In Phoenix, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is ready. He will run a sweep of the city as soon as the law is operating and cart off more illegals to the tent city that already houses 2000 Mexicans. […]

New Democrats come into the country everyday. That’s the Democrats plan, anyway – that the vast majority of those they allow into the country illegally will be convinced by handouts to support the socialist party. Which is why they like to say there’s not way to stop the flow.

If I Knew


The more you hear of Janet Napolitano’s opinions on illegal immigration and the Arizona law, you hear politics, rather than good policy, guiding her comments. What purpose could there be, other than politics, for being so dilligent in suing Arizona for acting in support of federal law while ignoring those jurisdictions that act in contradiction […]

Running Wild


Why does the illegal immigration stalemate continue endlessly? Because the government won’t enforce our laws, it seems to me. On Fox News Sunday, liberal contributor Juan Williams suggested it’s because Americans like border anarchy. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, in Boston for National Governor’s Association meetings, was a magnet for protesters.

Sarah Palin is an exciting celebrity/political figure, and constructive to the GOP as a promoter of conservative positions. Unfortunately, she seems to have no interest in public policy – or, even mastering the rudimentary talking points that would allow her to pretend to care. Last night on O’Reilly, Bill pressed her on what she would […]

Sue Who?


How sleazy are the Democrats in their desire to undermine the rule of law to win elections? Consider this question – why would the feds sue Arizona for helping to uphold Federal law but do nothing about other jurisdictions that conspire to undermine those same laws? While Robert Gibbs has no idea which lie he’s […]

Storm Brewering


Jan Brewer is quickly making herself into a national figure, and she’s doing it following a simple formula. By boldly fighting for the obvious. The Republican governor is reminding the Democrat president that three weeks ago during their overdue Oval Office meeting he promised to send her more material within two weeks, especially regarding deployment […]