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Airing Ayers


Revisit for your weekend pleasure: A good review of Obama/Ayers ideology. If we were being fair and open-minded, then if you looked around at the world today, you would say the greatest purveyor of of violence, as King said, is our own government.

Lying Ayes


Why does Carrie Prejean strike liberals as some sort of demon for her views on gay marriage when those views, as stated, are identical to President Obama’s position – along with countless other Democrats? Liberals are horrified by Carrie’s views but not Barack’s because they trust that she’s telling the truth, but they trust that […]

Do you remember Barack Obama, the guy who was offended by the notion of wearing a flag pin, the guy who could never walk away from Reverend Wright because he was a virtual family member, and the guy whose wife had never been proud of her country before? Just checking.

Right to Hell


Bill Ayers is unhappy with the way the anti-war movement is going. More than three decades after he co-founded the radical Weather Underground – the ’60s anti-war group condemned by critics as a “domestic terrorist” organization – Bill Ayers said that today’s anti-war movement “is not as strong and not as focused as it needs […]

Which Way


I’m sure that Times readers are eating it up today, believing everything that Bill Ayers has to say in his self-serving op-ed piece. IN the recently concluded presidential race, I was unwillingly thrust upon the stage and asked to play a role in a profoundly dishonest drama. I refused, and here’s why. Poor boy. Unable […]