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Even if it wasn’t the intention of the president to deceive the American people, it would be silly not to assume the obvious.  In back-to-back meetings in the Oval Office and Roosevelt Room, Obama urged uneasy rank-and-file moderates and progressives to focus on the positives rather than their deep disappointment with parts of the bill. […]

Kiss Goodbye


Charlie Gibson proves why his retirement is coming much too late in this pathetic, suck-up interview with the President. The technique, this time worked, however, and the results are profound. Charlie gets Barack to confess why no responsible, patriotic American should ever vote for a Democrat again. This is no exaggeration – read on please […]

Budget Bull


The Obama administration is being called out from all quarters for its preference for big spending over the best interest of the country – from friends and friends alike. The latest – former cabinet nominee Judd Gregg. “The practical implications of this is bankruptcy for the United States,‘ said Gregg on CNN “State of the […]

Steve & Barry


Crying in your beer? Your favorite store may soon be closing! Retailers may close 73,000 stores in the first half of 2009, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Talbots Inc. and Sears Holdings Corp. are among chains shuttering underperforming locations. Could you live without your local Talbots? More than a dozen retailers, including […]