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30 Second Cure


Now that the White House has the Gulf situation fully under control, let’s check in with Billy Nungesser and see how much easier life is as his Louisiana Parish fights the flow. Biden used his short visit to appear on camera with other politicians and eat seafood. Amazingly, Biden refused to meet with Plaquemines Parish […]

Tony Tony


BP CEO Tony Hayward may want his life back, but the life he’s living doesn’t seem all that bad. As the gusher continues to flow a mile below the surface in the Gulf. BP CEO Tony Hayward spent Saturday at a prestigious yacht race around England’s Isle of Wight. Hayward isn’t alone in his cavalier, […]

Those nasty protesters were spitting on members of congress on Sunday! At least, that’s what we’ve been hearing that all week, conjuring the image of people peppering the poor radicals with huge lungies! Turns out, it’s another conspiracy of deception on the part of Democrats and the media. The Washington Post reported that Cleaver was […]

Father Figure


Ever wonder what it would be like to have Joe Biden as a dad? Supportive sums it up. And embarrassing too. Listen to the VP congratulate Barack at the Castro Care signing. “This is a big fucking deal,” he tells the president as he leans into his ear a few inches from the microphones he’s […]

Biden Time


Joe just wants you to know – the Obama administration will control the insurance companies! Isn’t that the scary part? Some of them I say   they say, well, Joe, look, man, I mean, you know, you guys haven’t massaged this very well.  And, you know, this thing has gone on so long, I don’t know.  […]

No For O


One of the stumbling blocks to getting the house to pass the senate health bill is that the house doesn’t trust that after they approve it the senate will approve the modifications (using reconciliation) that are a prerequisite to house approval. The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that President Barack Obama must sign Congress’ original health […]

Soviet Joy


Last Thursday was the national day of protest over the rising cost of state college tuition. Whatever the kids are paying for an education, they’re obviously not getting their money’s worth. Enjoy the proof in this video from Last week, Glenn Beck exposed more mature America haters. How different are the beliefs of those […]