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Dem Frauds


Democrats used to hate bigots. They used to call you a racist if you raised an eyebrow at the wrong time. Now, they apologize for a guy who spent years saying things like: I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side… Rather I should die a thousand times, and […]

Forever Wrong


Governor Ed Rendell, spinning on behalf of the Obama administration, says the job offer to Joe Sestak was fine because it’s just business as usual. … it’s happened in politics for time immemorial. I did the same thing in 2006 to ask a former congressman, Joe Hoeffel, to drop out of the race against Bob […]

Two Hands


Wow. What a whopper has been offered up by the White House with the cooperation of Bill Clinton to explain the job offer to Joe Sestak, designed to convince him to stay out of the senate race that he won last week. White House Counsel Robert Bauer said Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked President […]

Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage in Harvard Square makes a great burger – hand formed, real things that date back to well before the idea of a manufactured burger was invented by the fast food guys. A Cambridge burger joint known for naming its burgers after politicians has a new one on the menu — “The […]

And Last


It’s Power First for the Democratic Machine. With veterans standing behind him at a VFW Hall in West Hartford, Blumenthal said he regrets the times that he has misspoken about his service during the war. It doesn’t matter that Richard Blumenthal was caught lying about the most sacred of issues – military service. What matters is that […]

Army of One


Rush always wins when he is highlighted by the left. Does the left win, too? When President Obama was asked if he would play a round of golf with his talk-radio nemesis Rush Limbaugh, the response, relayed by a top Democrat, was: “Limbaugh can play with himself.” This is according to Zev Chafets in his […]

Terror Gig


Bill Ayers says, again, he’s not a terrorist – never was. While he did declare war on the United States and carried out that war with bombings of buildings that resulted in death, he figures since they weren’t trying to kill anyone, you can’t call him a terrorist. Here’s the definition of terrorism. The unlawful […]