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Sarah Palin is an exciting celebrity/political figure, and constructive to the GOP as a promoter of conservative positions. Unfortunately, she seems to have no interest in public policy – or, even mastering the rudimentary talking points that would allow her to pretend to care. Last night on O’Reilly, Bill pressed her on what she would […]

Channeling Bill


Neil Cavuto has a tough time interviewing AFL-CIO economist Ron Blackwell. Keeping it classy as a left wing nut ever can, AFL-CIO chief economist Ron Blackwell called Neil Cavauto an asshole on live TV today during “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” While the two of them were arguing about the stimulus and whether or not […]

Go to Guy


Dino Rossi has lost twice in his attempt to become Governor of Washington State, so he was reluctant to jump into the race to unseat longtime incumbent Democrat Patty Murray in the senate. Who convinced him to take the plunge? Scott Brown. Rossi was one of many candidates — ranging from top-tier GOP recruits to […]



Jon Stewart made a much balleyhooed return to Bill O’Reilly’s show last night. It was fun — quite a bit of fun — and sometimes even enlightening to see two of the most authentic cablecasters in the history of the medium sit down together, spar a little and deconstruct their conversation even as they were having it. […]



Barney tells O’Reilly that ACORN shouldn’t be funded.

Major Upset


There’s some buzz about Major Garrett’s “What took you so long,” question to President Obama today. The question was in reference to the President’s toughening attitude toward Iran since Friday. If you listen to Garrett’s entire question, it doesn’t appear disrespectful. Most people won’t know that, however, since the media isn’t reporting it accurately. CBS, […]