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Wrong Mike


So Mayor Bloomberg figured the Times Square bomber must have been angry about the health reform bill, eh? “If I had to guess, twenty five cents, this would be exactly that,” Bloomberg said. “Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It […]

Add Prudential to the list of companies taking write downs to account for their financial hit under Castro Care. Prudential Financial (PRU) became the latest company to detail the financial impact of President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul, saying Tuesday it has taken a $100 million charge in the current quarter due to lower tax deductions […]

For years I’ve been trying to open people’s minds to the reality that there is no more destructive force in the lives of America’s children, and minorities, than the Democratic Party. Finally, as a matter of conscience, some liberals are starting to speak the truth. Good schools constitute a far more potent weapon against poverty […]

The Swine Flew


The President says it won’t happen again. Which is good news for folks in New York City, who weren’t amused by the Air Force One photo op. But he also said that he wasn’t privy, nor were others at the White House, to any details about who signed off when the Swine Flew. “We found […]