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Running Wild


Why does the illegal immigration stalemate continue endlessly? Because the government won’t enforce our laws, it seems to me. On Fox News Sunday, liberal contributor Juan Williams suggested it’s because Americans like border anarchy. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, in Boston for National Governor’s Association meetings, was a magnet for protesters.

People think that Masschusetts is filled with wackos, but it’s more a case of traditional working class voters being unable to kick their Democrat voting habits. Here’s a family that’s figured it out. Of course, there are some here who are opposed to the Arizona immigration law, but they tend to be those with a […]

There are some people I’ve talked to who just can’t understand what the big deal is about letting illegal immigrants into the country. “What difference does it make?” they ask. An informal money-exchange network known as “hawala’’ — a centuries-old system that operates outside conventional banking networks — is at the center of the investigation […]

To Consider


Some things to consider… …from today’s Boston Globe: The economy needs a half million new jobs every month for the next four years, just to return to the prerecession unemployment rate of 2006. And that economy was nothing to brag about, with average wage growth lagging behind inflation since 2001. 500,000 jobs a month! Will […]

Sour Taste


The Boston City Council, made up of the usual socialists who run America’s cities, has important things to do. Which is why it’s throwing a deke to voters, trying to distract them from the business at hand. The Boston City Council today passed a resolution ordering the city to yank any investments in Arizona companies […]

How Big?


What was Boston TV meteorologist Pete Bouchard referring to?



Pool report describing an historic day. 3 p.m. – The president has departed the fundraiser and is heading back to Air Force One at Logan. Mission accomplished, the tally from the event hits $600,000, officials say. If you’re on the Mass Pike, you just got blocked off to make way for the motorcade. Earlier… After […]