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Might the pointless, self-destructive attempt by Democrats to keep the black man from taking his rightful seat in the U.S. Senate be ending soon? Democratic leaders have backed down in the Roland Burris showdown, saying his seating hinges on action in the courts, the Illinois legislature and a final vote of United States senators. There’s […]

Racist Democrats continue their efforts to stop the black man from taking over the Senate seat that Barack abandoned after 4 long years. Senate Democrats struggled to avert a showdown steeped in race and corruption Monday as a defiant Roland Burris declared, “I’m a United States senator” despite boiling controversy over his appointment to President-elect […]

Does anyone remember affirmative action? Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said Burris’ race should have nothing to do with lawmakers’ opposition to Burris taking Obama’s seat. He said Burris, whom he respects, made “a mistake” by accepting Blagojevich’s offer. Democrats in Illinois seem to be forgetting the principle that blacks should be pushed into positions of […]