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Race Exists


How far along is Shirley Sherrod, really, in her migration from racist to humanist? Remember, her stated ideal is to meet the Toni Morrison standard – where race exists, but it doesn’t matter.

The compassionate ones can’t empathize with religious people, even when it’s just the president pretending for the sake of the clingers. JANEANE GAROFALO: No, I didn`t feel that it was a strong speech, and I felt that the prayer thing he did was pandering and anti-intellectual and just sort of a waste of time. “What […]

Yes He Did


What, you didn’t know that “Hope & Change” was code for continue the war policies of George W. Bush? He wasn’t trying to be mean spirited or anything – he was just…. lying.

Huff Puff


Can someone tell me when inauguration day is? When does Barack Obama take over, put his own people in charge, and take responsibility for the operation of the government? ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: George, the truth is, that right now we have precisely the regulatory system that the Bush-Cheney administration wanted. Full of loopholes, full of cronies […]

Imagine W.


George W. explores his inner socialist.

Nancy Pelosi says a new Obama health care plan will be ready soon. This is beginning to feel like the story will go on forever. President Obama will soon propose a health care bill that will be “much smaller” than the House bill but “big enough” to put the country on a “path” toward health […]

Miss Him?


Well… Do you, punk? A Wyoming, Minnesota billboard of former US President George W. Bush asking “Miss Me Yet?” has caused an Internet sensation, putting liberals on the hunt for whomever put it up. Snapshots of the board swept through e-mail inboxes Monday morning, with some suspecting it was a clever GOP Photoshop. However, Wyoming […]