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Go to Guy


Dino Rossi has lost twice in his attempt to become Governor of Washington State, so he was reluctant to jump into the race to unseat longtime incumbent Democrat Patty Murray in the senate. Who convinced him to take the plunge? Scott Brown. Rossi was one of many candidates — ranging from top-tier GOP recruits to […]

Climate Pee


Wouldn’t making people convert their coins into bills eliminate much more weight? It now appears that the well known Japanese airline Nippon Airways has started to ask its passengers to use the bathroom before they board the plane. The airline says that it is doing this in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions. According to […]

Ascending Party


Looking for evidence that reports of the GOP’s death have been greatly exaggerated? How about taking a look at fundraising by the national parties. In 2009, numbers show that more funds have been contributed to the Republican National Committee, which leads the DNC for the year by about 5 million bucks… $52 million to $46.7 […]

Crap & Trade


The unions are on the wrong side again – worried about their own best interest, not what’s best for the country. Here’s the AFL-CIO on the Cap & Trade bill. The U.S. Congress took a step forward toward a national policy that helps clean up the environment and create good green jobs, but there is […]

Cap and Crush


Please read the Gateway Pundit’s post on how the Barack administration plans to crush you economically. The potential cost of the democrat’s cap and trade policy is enormous. It will likely cost $700 to $1,400 dollars per family per year. Heartwarming, isn’t it? “Under my plan of a cap and trade system electricity rates would […]