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Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Congressman Dingell was talking to Paul W. Smith on WJR in Detroit. “There are mistakes here as there are with all legislation,” he told host Paul W. Smith. “But remember, the same charges were made by the same people about social […]

Never Die


One silver lining to the Obama attempt to destroy America is that Democrats will no longer be able to escape the reality of their liberalism. The brand is now understood by voters. Another is that liberals will keep trying to push us faster down the slippery slope. This will assure a highly energized GOP in […]

Black Like Me


Representative Diane Watson, a California race baiter, blames anti-Obama, anti-health care sentiment in this country on racism. She also extols the virtue of Fidel Castro’s health care system, praising his fine intellect.

In light of the disaster that has already been heaped upon the country in the first month of President Obama, I thought it appropriate to revisit FDR. Why? Because FDR provides the template for what liberals believe and pursue – that the natural extension of the vision of our founders is Castro’s Cuba. Consider his […]