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Oh, Crist


Charlie Crist is giving a wonderful presentation on how little issues or philosophy matter to politicians today. Florida pundits are used to unpredictable election battles, but these days they are joking that they need braces for the whiplash they’ve suffered in trying to keep up with Governor Charlie Crist’s dashes from one end of the […]

Coulda Been


Florida Governor Charlie Crist likes Elena Kagan, and says he would vote for her were he a United States Senator. Last year, though, he opposed Sonia Sotomayor. What’s that all about? He’s not sure. If only someone had been lookin’ out for Charlie in this senate race… he could a been a contender.

Broken How?


Charlie Crist announced last night that he’s running for senate as an independent after having been driven from the race for the GOP nomination by Marco Rubio. In a three way race with a weak Democrat, will the Florida Governor move toward becoming a Democrat if he wins the senate seat? After months of touting […]

Not Out


Florida Governor Charlie Crist is in trouble in the primary race against Marco Rubio. Will he leave the party and run for senate as an independent? In a new response to the question, he doesn’t say no.

Crist v Rubio


Fox News Sunday hosted a debate between the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in Florida. This is an intriguing race, as 39 year old former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio, down 20 points a few months ago, now leads Governor Charlie Crist by about the same amount. Rubio is the Tea Party inspired candidate, […]

Knowing Marco I


Marco Rubio is challenging Governor Charlie Crist in the Florida GOP primary race for U.S. Senate. While Crist once held a big lead, there’s been a reversal of roles. Marco Rubio is the second coming of Scott Brown, politically speaking. He’s in a lot of ways better than Brown. He’s younger, he’s good looking, he’s […]