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Judgement Day


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the best. And we now have a situation where we are in a deep hole and we’ve got two choices. We can continue to do what we’ve always been doing before and I don’t think we should, because that’s crazy, that’s what got us here. But the new path […]

More Christie


His mission to educate voters on the devastating results of the partnership between Democrats and Unions will turn New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie into a hero of the GOP, and, perhaps, a savior for the country. Here’s more.

All Republicans should go on the attack against unions in general, and teachers unions specifically, the way the Governor of New Jersey is doing it. We know that there’s over five million children trapped in over ten thousand failing public schools around America, and I use the word trapped and I use it directly.  They […]

Governor Chris Christie kicks the crap out of a reporter who acts like he’s doing something wrong by fighting the socialists to turn the fiscal mess around in New Jersey.

Will it take a Massachusetts Miracle for a Republican to win the race for Ted Kennedy’s senate seat? Nope – not at all. Attorney General Martha Coakley’s campaign to succeed Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate has been as cynical as they come. Her strategy? Don’t campaign, don’t return media phone calls, don’t run adds […]



Am I getting ahead of myself? Oh, the joys of inexperience. The Obama presidency has been destroyed by naive overreach – pursuit of the Public Option, the Trojan Horse of the Single Payer crowd. By the Tea Party Movement. Indeed, by the American people, who simply don’t believe in the things that the radicals controlling […]

Dede Done


Remember a few months ago when the main stream media declared the GOP to be dead? In need of a major revamp? Too conservative to be anything but a party of the south? A moderate Republican whose candidacy for an upstate New York Congressional seat had set off a storm of opposition from national conservative […]

Heavy Hand


New Jersey Governor David Corzine is a Democrat. Which means he has empathy. Which means he celebrates diversity. Which means he would never make fun of his opponent for being fat. Right? The simple fact is that Corzine’s inability to break the low 40s in any matchup against Christie means that the incumbent has only […]