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Oh, by the way… Bill Clinton was among those who misrepresented Robert Byrd’s many years of overt racism and hatred for Blacks. “He once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. He was a country boy from the hills and hollows from West […]

Standard Class


I find the image of Republicans presented by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner troublesome. They seem to me to scream of all the negative stereotypes attributable to conservatives – pompous, elitist, old school. I’d much rather see younger, more normal seeming people like Paul Ryan or Scott Brown as the public face of the party. […]

Death Panel


Can the heavyweights of the Democratic Party turn around the race for Martha Coakley. Not if they can’t draw a crowd! The President, for the second time in Boston, seemed to have trouble drawing a crowd – according to Fox News. They had trouble filling the room when Obama did a fundraiser for Deval Patrick […]

Hillary gets pissy in the Congo when an interpreter makes a mistake and asks her what her husband thinks. In addition to her bad attitude, she seems to have put on weight and lost her wigs. and another version.

How Dare They!


Senator Tom Harkin has a difficult town meeting. The New York Times, meanwhile, offers the truth on the President’s guarantees that everyone’s health care coverage will remain unchanged if that’s their wish. Mr. Obama has said repeatedly, as he told the American Medical Association in June: “If you like your doctor, you will be able […]

Friendly Fire


Newsweek went with a cover story this week about President Obama being attacked by leftist economist Paul Krugman. In his twice-a-week column and his blog, Conscience of a Liberal, he criticizes the Obamaites for trying to prop up a financial system that he regards as essentially a dead man walking. This is the biggest threat […]

Dethroned Royal


President Kennedy’s daughter has done such a bad job of playing the part of Princess Caroline, the only job she’s ever known, that Governor Paterson has now withdrawn the offer of Senate Ordination! In response, Caroline sparkles, claiming to have taken her name out of the running, offering up a brilliant little lie that many […]